4 things you need to check before going on holiday!

4 things you need to check before going on holiday!

When you are going on holiday there some things you just cannot afford not to do – not only could they ruin your holiday, but they could leave you with some severe consequences to deal with.

This will of course not be the case if you forget to bring your flip-flops with you or you leave your camera on the bus – these are annoying mistakes or costly errors at best – whereas there are things issues that have the potential to really cause you problems and that must be addressed before you leave your house.

These can be broadly categorised into the following four areas:

Your health is the most important thing in the world, so do not forget to check that you have had all the right vaccinations and bought the right medicines – visit the Foreign & Commonwealth Office for up to date advice and speak to your GP as well. You may be able to access some treatments when you are away, but many immunisations take time to kick in so need to be sorted out in advance.

It is also crucial to think about any long-term conditions you live with and what type of medicine you need to take with you to ensure that a disorder does not get in the way of your holiday. It may also affect your eligibility for insurance; for example, if you have diabetes you may need to mention it when applying for travel insurance.


While you are away you are likely to be leaving your home unoccupied – if not, then skip this section – which means preparing the place for this situation. The number of changes will depend on how long you are going away for, but they will generally revolve around turning off or turning down power-sapping devices such as the heating and electrical equipment.

You should think about security too, which could mean double-locking the door and checking that all windows are closed. It is sensible to speak with your neighbours before you go to let them know you will not be at home – that way, if they hear anyone trying to get into your house they can raise the alarm.


You can have as free-spirited a holiday as you like, but it is a good idea to have a basic level of logistics worked out – perhaps just some local money, a place to stay on the first night and your flights booked.

There will be plenty of room for spontaneous adventures between the time you leave your house and when you get back – just make sure you are able to get home in one piece.


Red tape and regulations have a habit of ruining people’s fun so make sure that you have sorted out all the documentation you need in order to get into the countries you are going to. A classic mistake is to forget to check the expiry date of your passport, but you also need to think about visas and European Health Insurance cards among other things.