Best travelers know when to come back

Is one of the best travelers know when to come back

Is it possible that half of the human organism as a traveler? .. For every human link to their land and homeland, it often looks to the outside for different reasons as research for freedom or livelihood or knowledge or recreation Alnevs..omn the beginning of the human journey on earth did not stop his rounds in the ground and sometimes in the space !.

Beauty in the desert

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step to Otse

During these long trips, and away from the details and her stories, descriptions of travel and multiple visions of his people; among those listed seven benefits and increases them, and describes the conditions of alienation and expatriates, and many between them.

These are some of the statements about travel and trips we read together may agree or disagree or even smile to each.

Boat at sunset

Is one of the best travelers know when to back Thomas Moore

Look at the bright stars in the sky .. is not even remain in the same place all the time we travel is known to control a fantasy reality, and instead of imagining things already we see as Samuel Johnson three do not blame them when angry: the patient and the fasting traveler holy bin Ayaz All travel has its advantages; the traveler went to the most beautiful of his country will learn how to tweak, and that the leaders of luck to the worst of them may learn how to love Samuel Johnson do not accompany the rich travel; if you Sawith in spending hurt you, if you prefer Astzlk Ali Bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him gives you the opportunity to travel experience the finer things in the world in a way not provided by you and the media Rolf Potts I do not travel in order to go to a certain place, but for the same travel, the important thing is that I move Robert Louis Stevenson Travel is like a marriage, it is wrong that you think you are controlled by John Steinbeck If there was a nice place will not come to you, you’ll need you to go to Tony Wheeler travel in small part of education, and in old age is part of the experience of Francis Bacon, we travel around the world to find the beauty, but the did not we carry within us we will not be found Ralph Waldo Emerson sets homelands in Ela request and traveled in five travel benefits

They relief and the acquisition of living and science and literature and the company of Majid Imam Shafi’i

Travel makes a wise man better, and worse asshole Thomas Fuller Travel invincible prejudice and intolerance and narrow-minded Mark Twain

And yet, is how some people talk about travel